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Plate 'n' Sheet Professional Version 4, Feature List.

Drawing from feedback received from our clients over the duration of Version 3, we have made major changes to Version 4 to provide more shapes, more options within the shapes and more additional features making your job easier.
'Ease of use' is our guiding principle. In Version 4 we believe we have been able to provide many additional features while maintaining the program's original simplicity for the user.

More shapes
In addition to Pipe to Pipe and Pipe to Cone, branches now include Cone to Cone, Cone to Oblique Cone, Cone to Pipe, Pipe to Oblique Cone, Rectangle to Cone, and many more. Multiple branches, with up to four pipes converging on a common intersection point. HVAC Rectangular Ducting (reducers, branches, Y's, T's). More Transitions. More Segmented bend options. Vessel End Caps (hemispherical, torispherical, semi elliptical).

New Category Menu
Shapes are easier to find.
Provides a better foundation for continuing expansion of the system.

Material Thickness.
Thickness setting is now more conveniently located.

Improved Manual Dimensioning
New horizontal, vertical and offset dimensions.

Improved Automatic Dimensioning.
True lengths with separate Step-off dimensions around the top and base.
Individual Auto Dimensions may now be deleted or modified for a more readable drawing.

Now includes Bend Angles.
New option now prints the angle between two faces along the press line.

Router depth for the plastics industry.

Improved Printing
A Print Preview window now shows you exactly what you will get on the paper.

Improved Viewing
Dynamic Pan and Zoom.
Dynamically rotate the 3D model in real time.

Improved Lap Join Settings
Easier to use.
More accurate.

Move and Rotate
Move individual patterns in compound shapes for more efficient use of material.

Pattern Identification
Patterns may now be automatically stamped with the date, time, item number and project number if required.

Area and Mass Calculation
Automatically calculate the rectangular area and mass.
Automatically calculate the true area and mass of the cut shape.

Material Cost
Speed up quoting by automatically calculating the cost of material.
Includes a database that you can easily maintain with current material prices.

Export a development as a DXF file to a CNC machine or import into other CAD software.

Plate 'n' Sheet Professional (c) software is the copyright Richard Stewart
and R & L CAD Services Pty Ltd, Queensland Australia.