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Privacy Policy.

Firstly, does not use cookies or any other tracking methods.

What information do we collect?
Usually the information you give us is about a company not an individual.
Most of the information you enter using our on-line forms is not compulsory. The only the e-mail address is compulsory. Without this we cannot answer your enquiry or process your on-line order to purchase a user licence.
Your e-mail address does not go into any mailing list.

How will we use the information we collect?
We collect information when you use the on-line enquiry form, when you request to download the trial version of Plate 'n' Sheet Development Software and when you place an order for a user licence using the on-line order form.
We collect information about you or your company so that we can answer your enquiry or process an on-line order form.

Will we pass information to anyone else?
No information is passed to others when you you complete the on-line enquiry form or request to download the trial version of Plate 'n' Sheet.
If you complete the on-line order form to purchase a user licence of Plate 'n' Sheet development software, then the following applies:
We create a PayPal invoice by securely logging into our PayPal account. You name, company name, address and e-mail address is entered in the PayPal invoice. PayPal then send you a link to the invoice and collect payment.
We use your company name and country to generate a licence key/s. A copy of this information is held by Richard Stewart, R & L CAD Services Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia who is the copyright owner and software developer of Plate 'n' Sheet development software.


Plate 'n' Sheet Professional (c) software is the copyright Richard Stewart and R & L CAD Services Pty Ltd, Queensland Australia.