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List of Shapes (some may been added since this list was created).

The following is a list of the shape categories. Within each category there are usually variations on the shape. For example, the Vessel End Cap category includes Torispherical, Hemispherical and Semi-elliptical shapes.
New shapes may have been added since this list was compiled.

Baffle Plate
Cone To Cone
Cone To Oblique Cone
Cone To Pipe
Elbow - Cone To Cone
Elbow - Cone To Pipe
Elbow - Pipe To Cone
Elbow - Pipe To Pipe
Ellipse to Ellipse
Ellipse to Rectangle
Ellipse to Round
Helicals (Parallel)
Helicals (Tapered)
Hexagon To Round
Import Mesh
Oblique Cone
Oblique Cylinder
Octogon To Round
One Pipe Cut by a Plate
Oval Cylinder
Oval To Oval
Oval To Rectangle
Oval To Round
Pipe / Cone Through a Plate
Pipe Gusset
Pipe To Bend
Pipe To Cone
Pipe To Oblique Cone
Pipe To Pipe
Pipe To Pipe (Multiple Pipes)
Rectangle To Cone
Rectangle To Oblique Cone
Rectangle To Pipe
Rectangle To Rectangle
Rectangle To Round
Rectangular Chute
Rectangular Junction
Rectangular Straight
Reducing Breech
Right Cone Frustum
Right Cone Truncation
Right Cylinder
Round To Round
Segmented Bend (Cylindrical)
Segmented Bend (Oval)
Segmented Bend (Tapered)
Square To Round

Two Pipes Cut by a Plate
Vessel End Caps


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